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Updated 3/15/2021

A Guide To Commonly Asked Questions About Male Enhancement

If you’ve got questions about male sexual enhancement and the products available, you’re not alone! We get hundreds of e-mails each week from guys like you with a wide array of questions. Below we’ve listed the 10 most common questions we hear about male enhancement.

1. What exactly is male enhancement?

Male enhancement refers to any supplement or product whose primary goal is to improve some aspect of male sexual performance or function. Some male enhancement products are also designed to enhance libido or increase sexual pleasure or enjoyment. Men of all ages are often affected by sexual performance issues such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Studies show that about 1/4 of men have problems attaining or maintaining an erection. Even more men – about 1 in 3 – have problems with premature ejaculation. Male enhancement supplements use natural ingredients containing vitamins, minerals and herbs – usually with the intent of either increasing penile blood flow or to boost testosterone.

2. Who should consider using a male enhancement supplement?

Most men will find they benefit from taking a male enhancement supplement, even those who aren’t noticeably suffering from an obvious sexual dysfunction. If you are suffering from a problem with erectile function – or premature ejaculation, there is undoubtedly a male sexual enhancer that will help to alleviate or overcome your problem. 

If you’re not sure if a male enhancement supplement is for you – consult your doctor first. Most top rated male enhancement brands are fairly well regarded in the medical community because they have studies showing their ingredients work.

3. Why are male enhancement supplements even necessary?

The fact is that male enhancement products are not always necessary – nor are they appropriate for some medical conditions. However, because so many men have erectile or sexual stamina problems, male enhancement supplements are necessary and appreciated by many men.

The main reason that male enhancement can be necessary is often due to lower testosterone production in men as they get older. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone, and as such is responsible for almost every facet of male sexual function. Having low testosterone negatively affects several aspects of male sexuality. The graph below shows just how much testosterone production declines as we age.

low testosterone in men

4. How come some male enhancers don't work?

There can be a few reasons why a particular product doesn’t work well or possibly not at all. Keep in mind that herbal supplements are not under the purview of the FDA – and as such some companies make claims that are not backed by evidence. Here are some reasons why certain products may not work:

—> 1. Every guy is different, and a product that works for one man may not work for another. Many products have different ingredients, and some do not contain ingredients that actually influence male sexual function.

—> 2. Some products contain the right ingredients – but do not contain enough of them to make a difference. An effective male enhancer must have the right ingredients – but also the right AMOUNT of each ingredient. 

—> 3. Certain ingredients may work very well on their own but when combined they may counteract each other or lessen the positive effect. The right combination leads to an effective formula.

5. Which male enhancement product will work best for me?

Obviously we can’t say which product will work best for every single guy – however, with 2 decades of research on the subject – we can definitely tell you which products have the best chance of providing noticeable and/or dramatic results

Look for products that help boost nitric oxide levels or work to naturally boost free testosterone levels. Also, look for research, studies and trials that are impartial and independent. These websites show scientific data and results – NOT just their opinions. Check our clinical studies page to see many studies and trials we use to help determine which ingredients are proven to work.

6. What's the safest way to buy male enhancement online?

Most guys are looking for 3 things when they buy online – a product that works, the best price, and knowing their purchase is guaranteed. 

To make sure you tick all of these boxes – always make sure to buy your male enhancement supplement from the official product website.  Ordering from the official site offers several advantages – like getting the best price, receiving free bonuses, and avoiding counterfeit/expired product. 

Below are some helpful tips to assist you in buying male enhancement supplements online with confidence:



7. How do I avoid any scams?

The fact is it’s actually pretty easy to spot the scam companies out there. First of all – they’re not usually even companies! If a website doesn’t tell you things like who manufactures the product, the name of their company, where it’s located, etc. – that’s a red flag right there.

The top brands have been in business for years, so you know right there that it’s most likely an established and trusted company.  Avoid any websites that try and lure you in with ‘Free Trial’ offers where you only have to pay for shipping. They automatically enroll you in their auto-billing program (often without your knowledge), and as a result they will continue to send you product and re-bill you month after month until you cancel – something they make almost impossible to do!

Also, watch out for products that claim to “permanently enlarge your penis”. This is not possible without surgery and any company making this claim is not trustworthy or honest.

Basically, the best advice is just stick to the top-rated companies and order from the official website – and you’ll have no problems.

8. Is natural male enhancement safe?

As long as you’re talking about quality male enhancers manufactured by legit companies (the only products we recommend), then the answer is a resounding “yes”!

Natural male enhancers have virtually no negative side effects and are generally considered extremely safe. This is assuming you’re buying products made in North America, and not counterfeit products sold from countries like China, India, and others.

Natural male enhancement products have far fewer side effects than drugs like Viagra and Levitra – and often provide the same – or even better – results. 

9. Is it OK to take male enhancement pills with alcohol?

As long as you’re talking about alcohol in moderation – then most male enhancement is safe to take while drinking moderate amounts.

Unlike most prescription drugs which are NOT recommended to take with alcohol, natural male enhancers are a safer choice and most will say that they are OK to use with alcohol in moderation.

It should be noted that most male enhancement products will produce optimal results when you drink less – so that is something to consider. In general, although alcohol may put you in the mood for sex – it almost always hampers sexual function in men.

10. Can you recommend the best male enhancement supplement?

We don’t like to recommend only one product, as this would make us appear biased and not completely independent and honest. Also, not every product is suitable for every single guy.

However, we have compiled a list of the top 10 male enhancement brands, and considering we’ve reviewed well over 300 products – if it’s near the top of our list, you know it’s an effective and trusted product.

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